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Google Reminders/ Keep integration

I use Google calendar and Google keep to manage my to-dos. But similar combination can be applied to other pair of services. The concept is (a) creating a note (eg describing the task, collecting information about the task) and (b) creating a reminder about this note which appears as a reminder in a calendar.

What's the ideal integration of your app as the third party added to the two which are mentioned​ above:

Your app should be collecting the titles of reminders Google Keep or Google Reminders which are the names of the tasks on which the pomodoro or other technique is going to be used PLUS reserving the Google calendar by creating an event under the same name as the note/reminder. The latter will be useful as a history of events (eg which dates and times I was working for which task).

If you have any questions, I'll be glad to discuss this. Keep up the good work!

PS I'm currently using the android app except from the OSX and the web based one.

Kind regards,


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Integration with Mac OS X Reminder

How about integration with Mac OS X Reminder - in the same way as with the Wunderlist?.. This is one of the most common tasks-lists app on the Mac OS, and there is not enough opportunity to pull scheduled tasks into PomoDone App.

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Make the timer show remaining time rounded up instead of down

Make the timer show remaining time rounded up instead of down, so the final minute of the Pomodoro shows 1 instead 0.

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iOS App for PomoDone

I see you have the app for Android, but an iOS app would be great! I don't always take my Mac laptop into the office with me where unfortunately I still have to run on a PC that I prefer not to install much on besides what my IT department installs. Being able to use PomoDone on my phone on the go or at the office would be great.

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Time Spent History

It should give a History of Statistics of time spent on each task so we could measure our productivity